The Business Analyst Success Path: How to Create Your Dream Job Using the Laws of Success


Do you ever wonder why some people absolutely love their work, get all the interesting projects, are truly change agents, and are consistently being rewarded for their efforts, while others seem stuck and never get a break? Which side of the pendulum would you like to be on?

There is a success path for business analysts to be agents of change. And getting on it is easier than you think. Learn how to apply the tried and true laws of success, to show up with confidence and more respect.


Learning Objectives

  1. A set of career goals that guide you to your version of success, and define what being a change agent means to you
  2. A list of simple, straight-forward, high-impact action steps that will get you on your path to your dream job
  3. Awareness and clearing of limiting beliefs that might hold you back from going after your goals



Laura Brandenburg


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