Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Using Story Prompts to Obtain User Stories and Other Requirements


One of the most requested topics from people performing business analysis is, “What are the right questions to ask?” The “correct” answer to this question is as varied as the projects that analysts are involved with. Here’s a challenge with asking questions: They only get at snippets of surface information, which do not in and of themselves, create deeper meaning.

This presentation will provide an alternative technique — that starts with evoking the broader stories. Prompting stories from stakeholders ensures you start with the end in mind — and it captures the heart and the essence of the mindset that each stakeholder holds. The stories you obtain from stakeholders will provide you a broader framework within which to decompose their needs into the requirements necessary for a solution.

In this interactive session, Lori will show you how to transform your elicitation process using story prompts to create engagement with your stakeholders. After practicing this technique you will have new ways to build stronger relationships, actively engage your stakeholders like never before, and help your team connect the real needs of the business to the solution.


Learning Objectives

  1. Distinguish between asking questions and using story prompts
  2. Structure effective story prompts to elicit user stories and other requirements
  3. Practice how to listen to the stories that are evoked through prompts and flesh out user stories and requirements from them



Lori Silverman


Presentations will be available for download after mid-April