Leading On Purpose: The Undiscovered Truth of Black Sheep Values and Extraordinary Performance


The ancient tactics of engaging employees and driving performance are no longer effective. Today’s diverse workforce wants their personal and professional lives to powerfully align. They want their work to matter. They want purpose. The latest research suggests that employees are most productive when feeling like they have a sense of purpose. So how do you help your people find theirs? By discovering your Black Sheep Values, those deeply held core values that cannot be changed, you can choose a purpose that enables you to align and perform at the highest level.

In this high-octane, entertaining how-to session, critically acclaimed author and former real-life rock star, Brant Menswar, delivers one-of-a-kind wisdom for living the amazing life you were always meant to. You will find out how to identify the non-negotiables that are at your core, to live and lead with deliberate intention and manifest what matters most to you and your organization practically and tangibly. You will discover what makes you an extraordinary original and how being uniquely yourself is a power you can set free for success, every day.


Learning Objectives

  1. The power of "Black Sheep Values”: Discovering what matters most (The “Favorites" Factor)
  2. How to become Conscious Creators: Understanding the difference between being intentional and acting with deliberate intention
  3. How to speak success into existence: Programming values into your daily schedule



Brant Menswar


Presentations will be available for download after mid-April