Bringing Design Thinking Into Your Practice


"There are too many studies to quote that discuss the things CEOs really care about. I will tell you, they are all saying we need a clearer, improved focus on the customer. Using Design Thinking approaches in your work is a way to get that clear focus. Design thinking has a long history…it is not new. Design thinking has evolved and has moved into your world.

Experience problem solving in a different way starting with the customer experience. Learn by doing and see how being part of a design team can get your team focusing on what the customer really needs. Design Thinking is about collaboration. We won’t just talk about collaboration in this session. You’ll get to feel it.


Learning Objectives

  1. Learn ways to keep a focus on the customer
  2. Know how to discover the customer’s context and pain points, what holds them back and what they aspire to achieve so your team can build the right solution
  3. Create a customer journey map and discuss how you can bring this back to your organization
  4. Learn the importance of walking in the shoes of the customer
  5. See how the right collaboration creates a high performing team



Kupe Kupersmith


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