Conference Planning Committees




Event Planning

Oversee the activities of all sub-committees and manage task list and schedule. Facilitate planning meetings and serve as liaison between the Board and committees. Manage the planning committee's document repository. Record planning committee meeting minutes.

Chair: Tamra Dagnon


Manage the online registration transactions and maintain registrant lists. Respond to registration inquiries. Develop and implement an attendee survey. Coordinate bag stuffing and day-of-event activities.

Chair: Rose Klaben

Cheri Thom
Erin Multerer
Jay Potratz
Kari Oertel


Create an event budget, and manage/track actual expenses and revenues. Facilitate a post-event audit.

Chair: Barbara Judd


Coordinate the selection and purchase of the event bag and promotional items. Manage the design, layout, and printing of the day-of-event program booklet and event signage. Manage the event theme selection, media activities, and door prize giveaway.

Tarmra Dagnon
Peggy Long

Nikki Peters


Plan and coordinate speaker tracks and session topics. Solicit, evaluate, select, and contact qualified workshop and event speakers, and keynote. Obtain items from speakers for attendee door prize drawings. Follow up with speakers post conference for expenses. Commitment begins in late October/early November.

Chair: Jean Kriesel

Rebecca VanTassell
David Sullivan
Dan Kayhart


Create sponsorship program (levels and benefits) and respond to inquiries. Proactively solicit, cultivate interest, develop relationships and contract event sponsors. Obtain items from sponsors for attendee door prize drawings.

Chair: Heidi Terry


Facilitate equipment, catering, and a/v needs with the committees and the venue.

Chair: Angie Buchholz


Note that committee members qualify for a free conference registration.  We also need event volunteers to serve in the following capacities:

Night before the conference

  • Room setup and event bag assembly (night before the conference)
Day of the conference:
  • Speaker room attendants (also qualify for a free conference registration)
  • Registration and check-in